Love, journaled.

We are not the sum total of our oppression!

What is Love, Journaled?

With a focus on antiracism, sustainability, and intersectionality, Love Journaled hosts a collective digital journal for Black people to log anecdotes on our efforts to dismantle systems of oppression and affirm one another as we create a more loving, resilient world. While all people are welcome to submit, we are centering Black voices because we want to directly challenge destructive narratives about Black people and proliferate narratives that empower and affirm us. Love, Journaled is the space for you to share how you are connecting and reconnecting with yourself, your community, other beings, and the Earth.

How you can be involved:

Through video, audio or writing, share with the world how you envision a sustainable world community or what work you’re doing (big or small) to contribute to it. Sustainability relies on pathways for authentic connection. Think of it like a river, if there’s too much debris blocking the path it cannot flow and becomes polluted; how are you clearing the way for a smooth flow? You have the choice to remain anonymous. Click here to submit!

The team:

Love Journaled was put together by Nadir Sherrod, a 2021 graduate of Prescott College’s Sustainability department and Atlanta based recording artist, with graphic design from Effie @effiiiie and web development from Ana Meisel.

Origins of the project:

This project was inspired by Nadir’s song "Love, Love All Around Us". The music video for the song will feature some of the submissions to the journal from people like you! Support:

If you would like to offer your support in any way please reach out via: